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Perfect for your family!

Here’s Why…

  • You could have breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a family every day and never cook a thing
  • Our children’s program and day camp is free to all Clevelands House families
  • We have an entire team of babysitters available to help you find some quiet time in the evening while still enjoying a family summer vacation
  • You could learn to water-ski in an hour
  • You could play with the kids in the morning and follow it up with a round of golf at the Nick Faldo designed course “The Rock” that afternoon
  • Every fitness class including Yoga, Pilates, and Aquafit is yours to enjoy free of charge
  • You could play in a Bocce ball tournament one day, a tennis round robin the next, and still find time for our family scavenger hunt and fun night all within the first two days of staying with us
  • You could find a magician, a juggler, a live band, and a hypnotist all performing in the same place

Take a quick tour with our friend Orlena!

BTW, we’ve been rockin’ the family vacation since 1869… that’s right, 18-69!