Since Cleve’s has been around for over a century now, there is a lot of neat history that goes forgotten and/or unnoticed.  Let’s take a short trip down memory lane, and perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two!

  • The main hotel was originally built to be a barn.  It was only a last minute decision, made in 1881, to make the conversion from barn to hotel.  This was due to room requests!
  • When the main hotel was originally built, the front desk was actually situated in the main hotel lobby.
  • The General Store and the Post office used to be on the dock where Duke’s is located.
  • Clevelands House used to have horseback riding, with stables located just on the other side of Juddhaven road, near laundry.  When Mr. C took over this Muskoka Resort, he didn’t enjoy the presents the horses would leave, and therefore decided to get rid of the four-legged wonders.
  • There was no physical road going into Clevelands House Resort until 1935.  This meant that from 1869 until 1935, you could only access this wonderful Muskoka Resort, Cleve’s, by horseback trail, or by boat!
  • The big dented rock infront of the North Lodge is actually indented because it was hit by lightning over 40 years ago.

If you have any fun facts about Cleve’s that we missed out on, please share!


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