Our smart little feline undoubtedly is more aware of what exactly is going on than we once anticipated.  Clive, who can ALWAYS be found in one of three locations around this Muskoka resort that we call home: 1) the couch, 2) his food bowl, 3) the parking lot, was no where to be seen earlier in the week.  On this particular day, Clive was to be heading to the vet for an appointment.  Similar to many other pets, Clive does not particularly enjoy going to the vet.  We searched around our Muskoka resort, and waited, and shook his treat bag, and searched some more, yet this clever little feline did not appear.  In fear of being tardy, we decided to cancel Clives veterinary appointment, and re-book it for another day.  Naturally, the minute past the designated hour of his now-cancelled appointment, Clive reappeared.

We have now learned from our mistakes, and are have decided to keep his next appointment a secret from everyone, including Sir Clive himself .

Clive the Clever
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