The children that attend our Kids Program here at Clevelands House create
memories that last a lifetime, and friendships that stretch past the typical
week-long stay. How do I know this, you may ask? Because I used to come up
to this wonderful Muskoka Resort. As a child, I had never been to a
stay-over camp. I was heavy into summer activities, and never really wanted
to miss my games. Yet for one week each summer, I did not detest to sitting
out for the week. We were heading back to Clevelands House, the place where
I would see all my friends again, idolize my kids counselor’s, write love
note’s to the cute waiter, and perform a made-up dance routines to the girls
at the front desk with said group. Cleve’s was that safe environment where
my parents felt comfortable allowing us to have “the run of the joint”, and
this allowed them to enjoy their time even more – or so they tell me. The
first day of camp was always so exciting. We would play ice-breaker games
out on Manor Lawn or in the Cherokee Room, and the Colour Cube was always
something I looked forward to running around in. The Craft Lady seemed to
be the coolest girl on resort, and heading into that fantastically decorated
craft room always made me giggle. By the end of the week I would leave,
having formed closer bonds with all of my friends. We exchanged addresses
and would frequently write each other throughout the year. My pen pals from
this Muskoka Resort were always my favourite because they would throw in a
hemp or beaded bracelet to add to our already filled wrists.

Cleve’s is an experience I will never forget. As a child, my siblings and I
loved it so much that we were hard set on working here when we were older.
My sister became a “Kiddie Sup”, and then a Front Desk Girl. I became a
Dining Room Server, a Social Director, and now I am back for my third summer
as the Director of Recreation and Social Media. Clevelands House is just so
different from anything else I have ever experienced; it is a hard place to

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