Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple …

We are Muskoka’s most memorable experience.

Since 1869, this has been our mission. It hasn’t always existed in the form of a mission statement but throughout our history, one thing is certain.

We care about those who stay with us and we care about being the most memorable experience in all of Muskoka. This is what we do.

How do we do it you may ask?

We do it by truly caring about those who stay with us. We care that our guests find time for their families and for one another. We care that our guests make the most of their time in Muskoka and get to experience all the resort and our surroundings have to offer. And finally, we care that you and your family make the greatest of memories by staying with us and we care to be a part of it. This is what we value most. We Create Authentic Relationship Experiences.


We never come to work simply to work. We come to create something memorable for our guests and for ourselves.


We do what we do because we love what we do. We make sure of it.


A guest is not just a guest, nor is an employee just an employee. We believe true hospitality is about creating relationships with one another, no matter how small that act may be.


We believe that every day in Muskoka is an opportunity to experience something incredible. We dedicate our summer to experiencing Muskoka for ourselves and to being part of the incredible experiences of those we meet along the way.

This is who we are at Clevelands House Resort. We look forward to seeing you soon.