Our Adventure Directors

Anyone who has ever been to Clevelands House Resort knows just how important the two Adventure Directors are. We are a unique family resort and are known for our incredible Children’s Program and our action packed Social Program, led by … Read More

Latest and Greatest Cleves Crew Members

Are you ready to meet the final members of our 2013 Cleves Crew?  If you haven’t already please check out our meet and greet of other team members Dani and Ellie, Syd and Andrew and Jessica and Alex!  We are all looking … Read More

Cleves Crew Round 2!

Introducing two more team members for our upcoming 2013 season…let’s get ready for a summer to remember!   Name: Andrew Brownlee Position: Bellhop I spent the last 6 months: in school at Western Uni If I could be one Muskoka animal, … Read More

Your 2013 Cleves Crew!

Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to some of the people responsible for making the summer of 2013 one to remember at Clevelands House. Thank you to the greatest team of people in Muskoka … let’s get ready for a … Read More

Number of Sleeps

  When I was a kid, I counted things in terms of sleeps – Christmas was coming in three sleeps, school ended in 12 sleeps. It was an uncomplicated way of marking the time rather than staring at the slow … Read More

Meet our new Executive Chef

Clevelands House is proud to introduce our new Executive Chef and Director of Food & Beverage, Jason MacArthur!  Jason is no stranger to Muskoka.  He has worked at ClubLink for more than 15 years, creating delicacies at The Lake Joe … Read More

We Resolve……

With the dawn of a New Year upon us, it is customary to stop and think about what changes we want to make for ourselves. What we resolve to do, or not do, is usually at the forefront of our … Read More

Our Muskoka Resort gears up for 2012

Happy New Year!! We are welcoming 2012 with mild weather and continually longer days, which always makes us think about summer. We had a great response in December to our tentatively booked family vacations for the upcoming season and we … Read More

Surprise Concert

We had such a fantastic time at Cleves last night, August 10.  Word was slowly getting out that we had a special guest performer coming, and when he finally stepped onto the stage, the room erupted in applause.  Mr. Steven … Read More

A Clive Update

Our smart little feline undoubtedly is more aware of what exactly is going on than we once anticipated.  Clive, who can ALWAYS be found in one of three locations around this Muskoka resort that we call home: 1) the couch, … Read More

Don't have a boat? You can still enjoy the lake!

Not everyone has full-time access to a boat, but this should not be a reason to hold you back from enjoying Muskoka Resorts!  We here at Clevelands House, with around 3,000 ft of waterfront, frequently enjoy playing on the water … Read More

A Hard Place to Leave

The children that attend our Kids Program here at Clevelands House create memories that last a lifetime, and friendships that stretch past the typical week-long stay. How do I know this, you may ask? Because I used to come up … Read More

Free Weekend Getaway Contest to Our Muskoka Resort

We here at Clevelands House recently held a free weekend getaway contest to our Muskoka resort for Toronto Star Wonderlist subscribers.  We asked them to write into us, explaining why they deserve this free weekend away for their family of … Read More

My Favourite Place

I first started working at Clevelands House after my first year at University.  I went back to school the next year and was forever changed.  For a course paper, I was asked to write about my favourite place, and it … Read More

Muskoka Resort Memories

I don’t remember how old I was when we first went to Clevelands House, but I remember that week like it was yesterday. My parents decided to take us on our first family vacation to a Muskoka resort and we … Read More