30 Mar 2017

Easy Golf

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Clevelands House - Easy Golf 2.0

Muskoka’s Clevelands House adds Easy Golf 2.0 for Summer 2017.

Easy Golf 2.0 is one of the fresh new summer sports launching at Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau this season.

Currently undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation aimed at restoring this grand Muskoka resort to its original splendour, “Cleves” is overhauling its summer activities, too.

With Golf 2.0, Cleves is making the sport of golf more accessible for youth and beginners. Larger cups make it easier to aim and putt, speeding up rounds and making golf more enjoyable for those who are new to the sport. The Maple Hills Golf course at Clevelands House will be the home to this new style of golf course breaking down the barriers to the sport and something the entire family will enjoy.

Built in 1869, Clevelands House Resort Village — owned by Ken Fowler Enterprises — is one of few Muskoka grand hotels still standing and operating. Subsequent phases of this historic restoration project are aimed for completion in time for Cleves’ 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019.

16 Mar 2017

Abbey’s Bakehouse is

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Abbey's Bakehouse is Back

We’re excited to announce that Abbey’s Bakehouse is BACK for another season.

Muskoka life is all about traditions. As you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by the all too familiar smell of freshly baked bread and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. You pick out your favourite treat—an original Abbey’s buttertart.

For those who may have missed this iconic Clevelands House tradition, Abbey’s is just east of Clevelands House, this unique 19th century re-purposed church was relocated to the shores of Lake Rosseau from Digby, Nova Scotia. The church was deconstructed and moved to its current location. While the exterior cladding is original, the interior has been restored and fitted for this exceptional bakery.

The result is an epic culinary experience that goes beyond a cute little sweet counter. With friendly staff and a lineup of signature favourites, Abbey’s is the place to be on a Muskoka morning, but those who have been, this goes without saying. All the famous products you know and love will return, such as sea salt and bacon focaccia, original Abbey’s buttertarts, brownie-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, legendary apple pies and the infamous trail mix muffins.

Need something for your gluten-free sweet tooth? Abbey’s gluten-free peanut butter cookie is perfect. Going for dinner with friends? Abbey’s chelsea bread or its unique sweet and savoury maple bacon buttertarts will delight your hosts. Abbey’s also serves a variety of breakfast and lunch items like yogurt and granola, breakfast sandwiches, and grab-and-go quiches.

We know you’ve been waiting for it, so there’s no need to delay your summer vacation planning anymore – Abbey’s is Back!

02 Mar 2017

Clevelands House Bids Farewell to Ken Fowler

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Ken Fowler

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Ken Fowler, president and CEO of Ken Fowler Enterprises (KFE) and owner of Clevelands House.

Fowler, 90 — an entrepreneur and a trailblazer — passed away in February 2017 while enjoying a Caribbean cruise with his family. He has been laid to rest in his hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Fowler was involved with a number of major Muskoka real estate projects, including Red Leaves and The Rock Golf Club. His loss comes in the midst of realizing his latest passion: the multi-million-dollar restoration of Clevelands House, one of Muskoka’s most iconic summer resorts and a place Ken Fowler held close to his heart.

“Ken and I crossed paths several times over the past decade, but it wasn’t until more recently that I have had the pleasure of working for him.  Ken had a love for Muskoka that we all share.  In fact humble, I don’t believe any single person will ever fully appreciate the breadth of Ken’s generosity, inspiration or the care he had for his community.” says  Greg Knight, VP of Development for Clevelands House.

Knight adds: “Ken touched the lives of so many.  We can only hope that his zest for life and entrepreneurial spirit will continue to motivate those in the future as he has in the past.”

“Everything is proceeding as planned,” says Ken’s son, Peter Fowler.  The crew in charge of Cleves’ renaissance continue to forge ahead without interruption. Their goal: to unveil restoration of the resort’s main building in time for the summer season.

“The family is committed to fulfilling Ken’s vision for Clevelands House and are excited to move forward,” says Peter.

Clevelands House Bids Farewell to Ken Fowler

(From left to right) Greg Knight, Kit Redding, Tim Kenny, Doug Fowler, Peter Fowler, Chris Fowler and Rob Wilson

For more information on Ken Fowler’s passing: http://yourlifemoments.ca/sitepages/obituary.asp?oId=1005047

16 Feb 2017

More Improvements for Clevelands House

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Muskoka’s Clevelands House updates iconic cottages and suites.

More exciting news for the renaissance of Muskoka’s Clevelands House: An additional investment has been made to update and improve the resort’s cottages and suites for the upcoming season.

This is in addition to the $2-million restoration currently in the works in the resort’s main building. It’s the first in a multi-phase project aimed at restoring this iconic summer resort on Lake Rosseau to its original splendour.

“We’re so excited to add cottage and suite improvements to our list of renovations for 2017,” says Deni Terenzio, VP Operations. “These lodgings are among our guests’ favourites. It’s our pleasure to be able to bring them up to a standard that the Cleves guest would expect.”

Renovations to cottages and suites will include new washrooms, as well as improved lighting, paint, and flooring — all scheduled for completion by May 2017.

Built in 1869, Clevelands House Resort Village — owned by Ken Fowler Enterprises — is one of few Muskoka grand hotels still standing and operating. Subsequent phases of this historic restoration project are aimed for completion in time for Cleves’ 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019.

30 Jan 2017

Two Great New
Restaurants coming to Clevelands House Resort Village

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The Lakehouse & Pie at Clevelands House

Chef Randy Feltis of TV’s Cityline Opens PIE and The Lakehouse on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka

Eggs Benedict with house made hollandaise sauceCrispy trout. Beef Tenderloin. PEI oysters. Eggs Benedict with house made hollandaise sauce. Comfort food with a view of the lake is the theme of The Lakehouse, one of two fresh new eateries coming to Muskoka’s iconic Clevelands House.

The Lakehouse replaces C.J. Minett’s Kitchen and Tavern at Clevelands House, part of a multi-million-dollar makeover underway now at the resort on Lake Rosseau that will debut in the Summer of 2017.

Founder Chef Randy Feltis says “The Lakehouse will follow a few simple rules:  fresh fare, heartily cooked, with zero processing.”

On the water, PIE Wood Fired Pizza Joint will be a welcome addition to the Boathouse at Cleves.  Its third Muskoka location, PIE has a dedicated and growing group of followers among foodies and pizza lovers.

“It’s pretty simple,” says Feltis, who is also Guest Chef on TV’s Cityline. “We will make everything in-house at PIE and The Lakehouse, from our pizza dough to our maple crème brulee. Our aim at both locations is to feed you well, offer you a fun time, and make you feel at home and comfortable.”

“Good food, good times, and great views…”

“We just love this place,” says PIE co-founder Craig Russell. “Clevelands House is the ideal spot for our kind of relaxed food and welcoming brand of service.”

Russell’s background in catering, event management and the wedding business is a natural fit for the resort.

“We are thrilled to have Craig and Randy on board” says Greg Knight, VP of Development at the Muskoka landmark hotel. “These guys have a great track record creating amazing places to eat and drink.   I have no doubt their hard working team will add an amazing element to the overall guest experience here at Cleves.”

Watch for grand opening celebrations this Victoria Day weekend.

Bruschetta at The Lakehouse

13 Jan 2017

The Restoration has

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Week 1 in Cleves Restoration

Restoration takes time, talent, patience, and a whole lot of care — all part of the current scene at Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau as crews restore this iconic summer resort.

“This week we started by pitching all the 1970s furniture,” says Greg Knight, VP of Development at the Muskoka landmark hotel. Teams have been photographed removing mattresses, bedframes, and mirrors — wiping the slate clean for the multi-million-dollar renovation that will update the resort’s interior in time for Summer 2017, while at the same time restoring it to its original splendour.

“Next we’ll burrow under the hotel to level and strengthen the floors,” says Knight. “We don’t want to make it perfect. Part of the charm at this grand old hotel is its sloped hardwood flooring. But there are a couple of big humps we need to get rid of!”

As recipients of awards for conservancy and restoration, Knight and his team are committed to adhering to a period-appropriate restoration plan throughout the winter.

“We’ve begun peeling back the layers of renovations that have gone on over the years,” he explains. “We are going to have much brighter, more open spaces as we return Cleves ceilings to their original 9-10 foot heights, just as they were when C.J. Minett built the building so many years ago.”

Built in 1869, Clevelands House Resort Village — is one of few Muskoka grand hotels still standing and operating. Once interior renovations are complete, crews will turn their attention to restorations of the main building’s exterior in Fall 2017. The entire historic project is aimed for completion in time for Cleves 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019.



16 Dec 2016

A New Era for a Classic Muskoka Landmark

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A Major Renovation Planned for Muskoka’s Historic Clevelands House

MUSKOKA, ON — It’s a new era for a classic Muskoka landmark. Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau is undergoing a series of renovations aimed at restoring this iconic summer resort to its original splendour.

The multi million dollar renovation is focused primarily on the resort’s historic main building. Plans include a period-appropriate restoration of the building’s exterior including replica windows, doors, porches and wood siding; new HVAC and insulation installations to ready the building for year round use; and an exciting renovation of the building’s interior, including restoration of the original hardwood floors, luxurious furnishings and brand new baths with high quality fixtures and stone. Interior work will begin this winter and exterior restorations will commence following the 2017 summer season.

“Clevelands House holds a special place in the hearts of so many” says Greg Knight, VP of Development at “Cleves”. Since 1869, families have spent their summers at this historic hotel, canoeing, waterskiing, golfing, dining and dancing. “Memories are made at a place like this. 2019 marks Cleves’ 150th anniversary so we are preparing the property for the next 150 years of memories!”.

Knight, a longtime Muskoka cottager and experienced developer of heritage properties, is overseeing the Clevelands House Resort Village project on behalf of Ken Fowler Enterprises.

“Investment in heritage structures isn’t a financial decision, its an emotional one. I am grateful to Ken Fowler for continuing to invest in the stewardship of this special place and am thrilled he’s entrusted me with it.”

Knight has been recognized by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, the Markham Village Conservancy, and was the recipient of the 2013 Heritage Award for Adaptive Re-Use for his restoration of the Connaught School (circa 1884) in Collingwood, Ontario.

For more information on Clevelands House Resort Village, please contact Kit Redding, Director of Sales and Marketing at 705 765 3171.

A New Era for a Classic Muskoka Landmark

02 Mar 2015

“How do I get a job here?”

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A summer at Clevelands House Resort is almost indescribable, not many experiences could match the unique opportunity a summer at our 145 resort can bring. A question that is asked on a daily basis to our team (and myself) is “how do I get a job here?” or more commonly “how do my kids get a job here?” They’re very valid questions and many people want to have that experience that sticks with them forever. For some people, it’s a chance to move away from home for the first time, for some it’s the ability to meet new friends or maybe it’s the ability to swim in Lake Rosseau every. single. day. 

With thousands of staff who have worked with us, it’s incredible to see the magic happen for young individuals over and over again. Here are three top ways our staff have found their way into our family.

1. A Long History with the Resort 

For many people they see themselves at the resort very easily because they spent 18

 years growing up in the Kid’s Camp or eating in our once formal Dining Room, so of course they can knock the question “why do YOU want to be a part of our kid’s camp?” out of the park! They know what it takes to be a 110% Camp Counsellor. It’s fun for us to see the passion in a fifteen year olds eyes when they say “I WILL work here one day!” Last year during interview we had a Suske interview for a lifeguard position. For any of us who have spent many years at the resort we know this family quite well. When we asked Jimmy why he wanted to work at Clevelands House it was simple. “I’ve wanted to work at Clevelands House my whole life! Clevelands House is the reason I became a lifeguard, it’s the greatest place in the world.” Spoken with so much determination, it is obvious that Jimmy got hired on the spot and continued on to be one of the greatest lifeguards we’ve seen.Water-Weenie-Fun

Michelle Millar (centre) pictured on the ski dock also worked with us in 2010 & 2014 

2. The Power of Friends 

Word of mouth never fails to be the most important method for our hiring process. A little inside scope, Clevelands House does very little to get the word out that we’re hiring! It’s incredible that hundreds and hundreds resumes come flying in at the turn of the new year and it’s all because of word of mouth. Many cover letters we read mention alumni staff who told them about our resort and all the reasons they must apply! It’s great to see such a large group of applicants each year eager to learn more just because of the stories shared by friends. When I started six years ago, it was a group of friends gathered at Wilfrid Laurier that couldn’t stop saying “A summer at Clevelands House would be INCREDIBLE,” that got me eagerly applying and crossing my fingers! Not to mention the friends you meet on the job. A summer at Clevelands House comes with a sun tan and more friends than you can count, the life long kind too!

3. YOU

It’s the characteristics that so many of our team share that sets us a part. If I could summarize our candidates, not only would each be extremely friendly, out-going and hard working they also all share this unique sense of adventure. Clevelands House is an incredible jumping off spot for many people. Our resort is the place where people find that special someone to backpack Europe with, or a friend to move to Australia with or maybe even meet someone from another country and you move for good! The places people will go from our driveway is never-ending. In combination with the incredible staff that join us from around the world, the sense of adventure running through the  staff quarters is always at an all time high! It’s very common for us to say goodbye to our staff in the fall, wish them luck on their adventure out west and welcome them back with open arms come spring time!

1522287_10152848283161029_1606665875_n Our staff pinnie and fishing derby uniform making an appearance at The Grand Palace in Bangkok 

We’re very lucky to have had such incredible staff work with us over many decades. We can’t wait to see what the next bunch bring and we can’t wait to provide them with an experience that they won’t ever forget.

We’re ready for an incredible month of interviews! Here is a video of our interview weekend in 2014. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.15.00 PM

09 Jun 2014

Our First Yoga Retreat

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What a weekend it was here at Clevelands House! This past weekend we were ecstatic to have a sold out studio of 71 yogis in attendance!

In February I called Jenn Dwyer from Power Yoga Canada and asked her what she thought of a yoga retreat at the resort hosted by Power Yoga Canada!

Her response was incredible and she was thinking of doing the same thing. We spent a few weeks brainstorming logistics of the retreat and then hit the market! We were thinking 30 – 40 people would probably be the max, fortunately the word went viral and we sold out with 71 people. Jenn was even turning people away! All the more reason to run the same incredible retreat this fall (more details to come!).

I’ll start from the beginning so everything can really understand what happened this weekend and what the weekend was all about. Maybe you’re curious about yoga and looking to get into it, maybe you’re a dedicated yoga lover and you think this will be the next step for your practice!


Friday, June 6th

Everyone arrived throughout the afternoon, with the beautiful weather people were antsy to get up to Muskoka! People had time to unwind, relax, have some dinner at c.j. minett’s kitchen and tavern and get into their yoga clothes before the first practice of the weekend!

Friday night was the first practice of the weekend, the theme was “Journey into Power”, figuring out what’s in your way, what to you need to get there! If you’re unfamiliar with the teaching of Baptiste Power Yoga, it is a challenging, fast pace vinyasa flow. It does follow a loose structure but it does always keep you on your toes not knowing what’s next. With incredible teachers Pino and Jenn both leading the class, using each others energy to keep the class fun, exciting, challenging and allowing you to see new perspectives. (I was even lucky enough to join in the class after a long work day, no better way to finish your day!) This class was just over an hour and a half and everyone was ready for bed! It was now time to hand out the Intention to Action workbooks, give everyone some things to think about, reflect on and bring to the next day!


Saturday June 7th

7:30am everyone was up and ready for breakfast. The morning was filled with early morning mediation and practice. The theme was “Playful, handstands, Drop Fear and Stepping Outside”. Pushing people to do something outside of their regular practice, to show them how you can push yourself outside of your own boundaries. The morning focused on more steps to Intention to Actions, what do you want to feel? How you get yourself to feel that way?

With absolutely beautiful weather it now time for the afternoon off, time for you to whatever you’d like! After a great greek buffet everyone hit the beach, played tennis, kayaked, relaxed! I was fortunate to lead a hike for some of the group through our 15KM of marked trails. Minus the mosquitoes, it was incredible!

Before dinner it was time for another practice! I was also in attendance and loved every second. The theme of the class was “taking ownership of your life”. You create your own happiness, you can shape your own life, you can change your life if you’re not happy with your path. The open air boathouse studio was full of yogis everyone was incredibly happy with the space. Power Yoga Canada Muskoka is situated on Lake Rosseau and the views, breeze, serenity of it all, is not like anywhere else.

Saturday night was ended with a 3 course meal and live music and optional wine!

Sunday June 8th

Everyone got to sleep in a little later today! The morning was filled with mediation and the final practice of the weekend, “Celebration, anything is possible”. Your life, you decide what is ahead of you. This hour and a half practice was followed by declarations and discussion of results from the program.

I had home-made granola for everyone at check-out to take home and was so happy to hear all of the amazing feedback was people were leaving. Great to hear so many people are returning this summer and next year for our next spring retreat.

Stay tuned for more details on our fall retreat!

Thank you again to everyone in attendance and thank you to Jenn and everyone at Power Yoga Canada for making the weekend so incredible! 10426688_675548749160560_7028181663550888130_n


06 Jun 2014

Tips ‘n’ Tricks Vol: 1

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We will be highlighting golf tips ‘n’ tricks from our Director of Golf at The Rock Golf Club!

Have you ever noticed how the start of your round is often a struggle?

A lot of the time you don’t start to hit good golf shots until the third or fourth hole. Perhaps your warm up routine is actually counterproductive.
As I often observe golfers prior to the round the first thing I notice is they always grab the big stick first and start swinging for the fences. Rather than starting with the driver try starting with a stretching routine focusing on hamstrings, oblique’s, rotator cuffs, calf’s, forearms/wrists.
After stretching proceed with a wedge hitting pitch shots and work your way to a full swing. From there work your way down to the longer clubs until finishing with the driver only hitting between 5-10 drives. This will assist with making sure you hit quality shots your first few holes.

Clevelands House Resort Special Offer!  

All Clevelands House Guests are encouraged to join Director of Instruction Spencer Morland Saturday afternoons in June at 3pm for Golf clinics.

$20/person Which Includes Video Analysis sent to your mobile device!Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 3.01.30 PM