Clive, our on resort cat, did not always call Clevelands House his home.  He originally lived at a cottage close by, and on one of his many outdoor excursions, he stumbled upon Cleve’s and made himself at home.  His owners, thinking he was lost, finally found him at our Clevelands House and were thrilled to bring him back home.  After only a few short hours, however, it was very evident that Clive preferred the spacious property at Clevelands House.  After realizing how unhappy Clive was, they brought him back to our Muskoka Resort where he now permanently resides.  You can find Clive sunbathing in the parking lot, or perched on a comfy couch in the front office, if he’s not too busy eating.  He winters here as well, using our kitty-door to come in and out of the office at his leisure. What an interesting little feline.

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