Not everyone has full-time access to a boat, but this should not be a reason to hold you back from enjoying Muskoka Resorts!  We here at Clevelands House, with around 3,000 ft of waterfront, frequently enjoy playing on the water and have come up with a fun list of things to do on the water without a boat.

Top ten things to do in Lake Rosseau at a Muskoka Resort without a motor boat!

1)   Swims to Buoys and back

2)   Attempt to touch the bottom of the lake after jumping off the end of the dock

3)   Try to balance a stand-up kayak

4)   Get a full body work-out on our water park

5)   Enjoy being outdoors and row!

6)   Go cliff jumping

7)   Fish off the dock

8)   Snorkel and explore what the Muskoka Lakes have to offer

9)   See how long you can hold your breath

10)   Shower in the Lake with eco-friendly shampoo!


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