The Summer Exploration Challenge

Clevelands House Resort challenges you to do five things this summer you’ve never done before…

It’s the Summer Exploration Challenge!

It doesn’t matter what they are.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small.  All that matters is that you try something, well try five somethings, you’ve never done!

To get you started, here’s a list of things you could try for the first time ever at Clevelands House Resort:

  • Learn to wakeboard!
  • Yoga in an open air boathouse studio!
  • Try mountain biking on a single track forest trail!
  • Perform at an open jam session!
  • Play your first ever championship golf course!
  • Play in a tennis round robin tournament!
  • Cuddle up with a porcupine!
  • Eat Eggs Benedict served in warm Yorkshire puddings!
  • Climb a 25’ inflatable iceberg!
  • Sit by a bonfire on the shores of beautiful Lake Rosseau!
  • Play a game of Frisbee golf!
  • Learn how to cook a vegan dinner!
  • Try paddle boarding!
  • Look at that! You’re already on your way to a summer filled with excitement and the right to say… “I tried something new this summer!” 

What five things will you do?

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