I don’t remember how old I was when we first went to Clevelands House, but I remember that week like it was yesterday. My parents decided to take us on our first family vacation to a Muskoka resort and we never looked back. I was a little unsure of the Kid’s camp on Monday morning, but once I met my counselor and the other kids in my age group, I hit the ground running and never looked back. It was AWESOME!!
At the end of the week, I was devastated that we had to go home. I remember crying for most of the ride back to Toronto, wishing we could just turn the car around and go back. In November, before Christmas was even close, we got the best present ever. In the mail was a letter from my new favorite Muskoka resort with an offer letter to return the following summer. I could barely contain myself. My parents sat us down and gave us a choice – we could try Europe the following summer or relive our family vacation at Cleve’s. It was unanimous and we were off to that great Muskoka resort for another summer holiday.
When we arrived the following summer, I was ecstatic to find many of the same kids I had met the previous summer. We were all in the same group again and had a blast – and that family tradition continued for years. I now take my kids every summer so they can have the same Muskoka resort experience that I remember with such fondness. And the best part for my kids, is now they can keep in touch with their new Cleve’s friends by email. We even get together in the winter with some great friends we met in the summer. Thanks Cleve’s – for starting the best family tradition we have!!

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