When I was a kid, I counted things in terms of sleeps – Christmas was coming in three sleeps, school ended in 12 sleeps. It was an uncomplicated way of marking the time rather than staring at the slow moving hands on the clock.

Today, I find it very touching that the guests at the hotel I work at think in those same innocent terms as I seem to have unconsciously detached myself from, and it reminds me of how great it feels to be that excited about something. There are long time guests that I have become very good friends with that speak in the same measure of time, and every time I am in touch with them, the number of sleeps decreases and their looming vacation seems that much more palpable.

I was speaking to a man today, a very well versed man, a Doctor.  I would have thought that an educated, analytical mind would naturally think in terms of a more scientific nature, but it was really heart-warming to hear him say “I’ll see you in 41 sleeps”. There are rare, unexpected moments that can stop you in the midst of a chaotic day and just make you smile. That was one of those moments for me.

Clevelands House Resort has always, and will always hold a very dear place in my heart. It is sometimes overwhelming to sit back and realize how much it holds that same special spot for so many families that choose to spend their family holiday letting us be their gracious hosts.

Every year, the kids get excited about coming back to Cleve’s and seeing all the friends they have met and stayed in touch with over the years. And so do the parents for that matter. The people that they randomly met 12 years ago on their first trip to Cleve’s are now taking winter holidays together – and I like to think that while they are lying on that beach in Jamaica in February, they are thinking to themselves, we’ll be back at Clevelands House in 107 sleeps!!

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