Welcome to the first official blog on our newly redesigned Clevelands House website.

When you work at a Muskoka Resort like Clevelands House, there is a palpable energy that begins in mid April.  The promise of so many eagerly anticipated family vacations lingers in the air as we busily get ready to open for Conference season.   The shutters are thrown open, the grass is cut, the flowers are planted and the level of energy in the staff increases exponentially.

Clevelands House Resort has a long standing tradition of great family holidays and the pressure is on to uphold that tradition.  Family vacations have long been a staple at Clevelands House and we strive to uphold a level of service that will guarantee that our Muskoka resort will far surpass your expectations with our incredible service and level of dedication to meeting your family needs.  

As we enthusiastically venture through spring, we keenly anticipate the beginning of our summer family vacation season.   We would love for you to join us at Clevelands House this summer and experience a family holiday like no other.  Let us show you what many families have come to know and love over the years.  Let us give you the Clevelands House experience and start a family holiday tradition that will live on for years, and possibly generations.

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