What a weekend it was here at Clevelands House! This past weekend we were ecstatic to have a sold out studio of 71 yogis in attendance!

In February I called Jenn Dwyer from Power Yoga Canada and asked her what she thought of a yoga retreat at the resort hosted by Power Yoga Canada!

Her response was incredible and she was thinking of doing the same thing. We spent a few weeks brainstorming logistics of the retreat and then hit the market! We were thinking 30 – 40 people would probably be the max, fortunately the word went viral and we sold out with 71 people. Jenn was even turning people away! All the more reason to run the same incredible retreat this fall (more details to come!).

I’ll start from the beginning so everything can really understand what happened this weekend and what the weekend was all about. Maybe you’re curious about yoga and looking to get into it, maybe you’re a dedicated yoga lover and you think this will be the next step for your practice!


Friday, June 6th

Everyone arrived throughout the afternoon, with the beautiful weather people were antsy to get up to Muskoka! People had time to unwind, relax, have some dinner at c.j. minett’s kitchen and tavern and get into their yoga clothes before the first practice of the weekend!

Friday night was the first practice of the weekend, the theme was “Journey into Power”, figuring out what’s in your way, what to you need to get there! If you’re unfamiliar with the teaching of Baptiste Power Yoga, it is a challenging, fast pace vinyasa flow. It does follow a loose structure but it does always keep you on your toes not knowing what’s next. With incredible teachers Pino and Jenn both leading the class, using each others energy to keep the class fun, exciting, challenging and allowing you to see new perspectives. (I was even lucky enough to join in the class after a long work day, no better way to finish your day!) This class was just over an hour and a half and everyone was ready for bed! It was now time to hand out the Intention to Action workbooks, give everyone some things to think about, reflect on and bring to the next day!


Saturday June 7th

7:30am everyone was up and ready for breakfast. The morning was filled with early morning mediation and practice. The theme was “Playful, handstands, Drop Fear and Stepping Outside”. Pushing people to do something outside of their regular practice, to show them how you can push yourself outside of your own boundaries. The morning focused on more steps to Intention to Actions, what do you want to feel? How you get yourself to feel that way?

With absolutely beautiful weather it now time for the afternoon off, time for you to whatever you’d like! After a great greek buffet everyone hit the beach, played tennis, kayaked, relaxed! I was fortunate to lead a hike for some of the group through our 15KM of marked trails. Minus the mosquitoes, it was incredible!

Before dinner it was time for another practice! I was also in attendance and loved every second. The theme of the class was “taking ownership of your life”. You create your own happiness, you can shape your own life, you can change your life if you’re not happy with your path. The open air boathouse studio was full of yogis everyone was incredibly happy with the space. Power Yoga Canada Muskoka is situated on Lake Rosseau and the views, breeze, serenity of it all, is not like anywhere else.

Saturday night was ended with a 3 course meal and live music and optional wine!

Sunday June 8th

Everyone got to sleep in a little later today! The morning was filled with mediation and the final practice of the weekend, “Celebration, anything is possible”. Your life, you decide what is ahead of you. This hour and a half practice was followed by declarations and discussion of results from the program.

I had home-made granola for everyone at check-out to take home and was so happy to hear all of the amazing feedback was people were leaving. Great to hear so many people are returning this summer and next year for our next spring retreat.

Stay tuned for more details on our fall retreat!

Thank you again to everyone in attendance and thank you to Jenn and everyone at Power Yoga Canada for making the weekend so incredible! 10426688_675548749160560_7028181663550888130_n


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