Week 1 in Cleves Restoration

Restoration takes time, talent, patience, and a whole lot of care — all part of the current scene at Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau as crews restore this iconic summer resort.

“This week we started by pitching all the 1970s furniture,” says Greg Knight, VP of Development at the Muskoka landmark hotel. Teams have been photographed removing mattresses, bedframes, and mirrors — wiping the slate clean for the multi-million-dollar renovation that will update the resort’s interior in time for Summer 2017, while at the same time restoring it to its original splendour.

“Next we’ll burrow under the hotel to level and strengthen the floors,” says Knight. “We don’t want to make it perfect. Part of the charm at this grand old hotel is its sloped hardwood flooring. But there are a couple of big humps we need to get rid of!”

As recipients of awards for conservancy and restoration, Knight and his team are committed to adhering to a period-appropriate restoration plan throughout the winter.

“We’ve begun peeling back the layers of renovations that have gone on over the years,” he explains. “We are going to have much brighter, more open spaces as we return Cleves ceilings to their original 9-10 foot heights, just as they were when C.J. Minett built the building so many years ago.”

Built in 1869, Clevelands House Resort Village — is one of few Muskoka grand hotels still standing and operating. Once interior renovations are complete, crews will turn their attention to restorations of the main building’s exterior in Fall 2017. The entire historic project is aimed for completion in time for Cleves 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019.



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