We will be highlighting golf tips ‘n’ tricks from our Director of Golf at The Rock Golf Club!

Have you ever noticed how the start of your round is often a struggle?

A lot of the time you don’t start to hit good golf shots until the third or fourth hole. Perhaps your warm up routine is actually counterproductive.
As I often observe golfers prior to the round the first thing I notice is they always grab the big stick first and start swinging for the fences. Rather than starting with the driver try starting with a stretching routine focusing on hamstrings, oblique’s, rotator cuffs, calf’s, forearms/wrists.
After stretching proceed with a wedge hitting pitch shots and work your way to a full swing. From there work your way down to the longer clubs until finishing with the driver only hitting between 5-10 drives. This will assist with making sure you hit quality shots your first few holes.

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