With the dawn of a New Year upon us, it is customary to stop and think about what changes we want to make for ourselves. What we resolve to do, or not do, is usually at the forefront of our brain for the first few weeks in January.

As part of our extended family, we are reaching out to you, our Clevelands House guests and staff to share the goals we have set for ourselves.

As Reservations Manager, I sit in front of a computer for upwards of 8 hours a day, entering data, but my resolution was to get back to writing. So I have started my own blog and continue to make entries to our Clevelands House blog. Jesse Hamilton, our Director of Operations, has vowed to quench his thirst with something other than Diet Pepsi!! I’m not saying he drinks a lot of it, but if any of you have shares in the company, you may want to sell!!

Sandy Cornell has undertaken the task to de-clutter her world and keep things clean. Make sure you visit her office in the summer and see how she’s doing!! Ted Carruthers is trying to make his new years wish come true by still lobbying to have our office moved to Scottsdale, Arizona for the winter!! (All golfer’s aboard!!)

Maria Hamilton and Bob Shaw are putting family first this year – Maria wants to visit her family in Denmark and Bob will be spending lots of time with his wife, daughters and new grandson.

Rob Wilson is committed to getting more Clevelands House guests playing golf at The Rock golf course!! (Keep your eyes open for more information or call our office for details.) And Brenda Smith has resolved to make no resolutions!!

Okay Cleve’s fans…..we’ve shared with you. Now it’s time for you to share with us. Tell us what you have resolved to do or not do in 2012!!

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