Anyone who has ever been to Clevelands House Resort knows just how important the two Adventure Directors are. We are a unique family resort and are known for our incredible Children’s Program and our action packed Social Program, led by 2 outgoing, friendly, fun, exciting, personable, creative people.

Our 2014 Adventure Program have been hired and we’re excited for all of our guests to meet them! These two were some of the best counsellors Playworld has had and the recreation department is lucky to have them! If you’re vacationing with us this year, I can ensure you, these two gals will make your vacation an extraordinary experience!

I think they’re both ready for their first bocce ball tournament, guided canoe and welcome party!

Our 2014 Adventure Directors are:

Michelle Millar & Rachel Hunter 


Rachel is an (almost) Queen’s University graduate and is going into her second season at Cleves!                                                                                          


If your friends were to describe you as an animal, based on your personality, what would you be?

If my friends were to describe me as an animal they would say I am a monkey. I am high energy and always moving. I find the humour in everything but can also be quite cautious and concerned, looking out for others in large groups. I love to surround myself with fun and motivated individuals, as every day is a new opportunity for play! I am committed and cherish long last friendships, many of which I have made at Clevelands House.

What’s your favourite Clevelands House pastime? 
Watching the SWS Ski Shows as a child. I believed every single character in the show and couldn’t wait to cheer on the good guy and boo the bad ones! The splash zone was always my golden spot, anxiously waiting for the one skier to come in and soak us all in the chairs. Clevelands House is also where I first got up on skis. It is amazing the memories that impact you as a child, and how they foster a love and appreciation for a place such as Clevelands, encouraging people to return over and over again.

1379740_10153346181385252_951955149_nWhy are you most excited to be our 2014 Adventure Director?

I am looking forward to providing Muskoka’s most memorable experience for not only the children but for their parents as well. I cannot wait to work with Michelle and create new and innovative program ideas for our guest at Cleves, bringing to life endless vacation opportunities. Clevelands House offers an amazing setting and environment to build and expand on activities and events that continue to provide a fun and safe summer for all members. These are the types of experiences I cannot wait to be a part of while expanding on the endless possibilities the resort has to offer.

What’s your favourite Clevelands House memory?

Working as a Kids Camp Counselor and taking the campers on the banana boat. This is where the campers really get hyped up and excited! It is so much fun participating in their games, whether it’s trying to lean over as far as you can without falling off, or putting your hands up like a rollercoaster! There seems to be a sense of independence and freedom when campers get out on the water and try new activities and sports. Lucky for me I got to join in!


Michelle is an (almost) Ottawa University graduate, who is coming back to Clevelands House after a couple summers away!

64328_10151770632424271_1730965324_nIf your friends were to describe you as an animal, based on your personality, what would you be?

I would be a bird. Because they travel in flocks and I am someone who loves to be in the company of others, rarely alone. They would probably say I would be at the front of the flock because I am leader always searching to find new adventures all over the world. Plus I would get to fly how cool would that be!

What’s your favourite Clevelands House pastime? 
Mine is kayaking (or really anything in the water!) living in the city all year round I always look forward to spending as much time as I can out on the lake as possible.

Why are you most excited to be our 2014 Adventure Director?

I look forward to returning to Cleveland’s house my home away from home and getting to know the guests personally so that I can ensure that their summer getaway experience is as memorable as mine have been over the years!

What’s your favourite Clevelands House memory?
Mine would be the first time I got up on my water skis. It took me 3 summers to finally get up I told everyone for years I went around the whole lake (a little exaggerated but it was my proudest moment of my childhood and it happened right here off Cleve’s dock

Kids Fun at Clevelands House

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