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3 & 5 day camp options throughout the summer. Space is limited so don’t miss out

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Register your kids for our unique, kids camp, available for registration in half day and full day.

Our Day Camp is built to provide kids with the best experience and incorporates all of the fun Muskoka has to offer.

Wanderers – Age 3

Wanderers are learning and discovering new things everyday.  At Clevelands House we strive to make even our youngest guests smile with the excitement of learning something new each day.  These include crafts, story time, teddy bear picnic and outdoor play in our 3 play areas.  We also have 2 playrooms stocked with many exciting toys for your child to enjoy and to learn from.

Enquire about our Private Babysitting services during the day for children under the age of 4 depending on availability. Sign up in the Playworld office by 5:00 p.m. the day before the babysitting is required.

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Explorers – Ages 4 – 6

Explorers make the most of every day.  They are always on the move, exploring our resort and finding many exciting new ways to have fun.  At Clevelands House we make sure every Explorer finds what they are looking for.  exploring the Funship playground and Colour Cube to taking part to unique beach games and scavenger hunts, we know that being an Explorer is one of the best parts of being a guest at Clevelands House.

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Adventurers – Ages 7-9

Adventurers are always looking for the newest and most exciting ways to have fun.  At Clevelands House, our Adventurers take what our resort has to offer and find cooler, faster, and more adventurous ways to make the summer the best that it can be.

Our Adventure Program gets kids out and about to try new things and we are sure to have their favourites too! Many sports available with clinics included for volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, road hockey, and much more.  We also get the kids in resort wide games, fun at the beach and pool, backfield games, a forest adventure and exciting crafts to take home!

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Trailblazers – Ages 10 to 13

Trailblazers are not afraid to make new friends and take on new challenges. At Clevelands House, they take the resort by storm, helping lead the way to try new activities and test the waters around the resort. Sometimes, it’s hard for us to keep up with them!

Trailblazers incorporates both sports, adventure and recreation activities! 10 – 13 year olds can experience our canoes and kayaks, scavenger hunts, games, pool and beach fun, hiking and much more!

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For Parents

For parents looking for more information about our Kids Camp programs please take a moment to view the More Information for Parents page.

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Our Mission

  • To provide quality, age appropriate activities for Children ages 3 – 13 years, through pre-designed children’s activity programs.
  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all children at all times while attending the Day Camp
  • To consistently establish a fun learning atmosphere and environment where the use of creativity and imagination are the underlying principals used in their conception.


If you’d like to register your kids in Kids Camp you can click here or send an email to